Technical Support

We are in the process of recruiting a technical team that will be made up of individuals that are familiar with ins and outs of computer devices and networks. With this knowledge, they will able to troubleshoot most problems that a user experiences. Reporting of technical issues will be provided through our Incident System. Users will be able to login into the system and log issues and they can also call our technicians to log issues on their behalf. Our system enables the users to track will be able to track their issues online.

Application Support

Application Support could involve all the three levels of support. There is a support team for a suite of Applications. L1 and L2 Support might involve investigating and fixing issues that may impact a particular user. This could require the support person to use admin privileges within the App or through database or operating system level. We provide skilled resources that will be able to support systems effectively.

Level 3 in Application Support involves development work and one may be asked to fix bugs in the code that may have been raised by L1 or L2. Our development team or a new one can be setup as they may be asked to carry out minor mods or enhancements in code as asked by the Business.

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