We provide off-the-shelf softwares

Our sales division do business requirement assessment to see if the solution to your business process improvement requires a custom model solution or if there is already a software that is ready to use, that software we call it a Shelf Software. It is readily available for use, therefore it becomes unnecessary to re-invent a wheel. We simply advise the client to buy that software from the shelf or we purchase it on their behalf.

Comprehensive range of off the shelf softwares

Tando has been at the forefront of providing off-shelf software products. Our area of expertise lies in the sourcing of integrated software solutions. This means that all your trading information from POS, Stock, Customers, Suppliers, General Ledger and Financial information is all available in the right place and at any time. Our various systems cater for many different sectors..


Simplifying the decision-making process by helping retailers to understand sales dynamics, model forecast and address customer needs


Helping hotels to manage their assets, schedule maintenance and repairs, and process requests from guests to achieve a faster, more efficient service.


Collecting real-time traffic data, analysing movement patterns and predicting congestion to make journeys more comfortable and cost-effective.


While our core strengths lie in retail, hospitality, utilities, and transportation, we work across a wide range of industries and continue to build our portfolio of industry-specific solutions.

How can we help you?

we set ourselves a straight forward challenge: not just to provide the softwares, but to deliver real solutions, to encourage new ways of working and to support you- in every sense – towards a better business.